Academic Work
Academic Work 


Academic Work

On this page I list (and if possible, link) my scholarly articles and book contributions. My dissertation (and additional material connected to it) can be accessed here.


Herrmann, Simon.2018, in press. "Spitting Ginger in Jesus’ Name? The Concept of Hybridityin a Lele Theology of Healing."  International Bulletin of Mission Research.

Herrmann, Simon. 2017. "Sickness and Healing in an AnimisticContext." In Global Mental Health and the Church, edited by Ulrich Giesekus, Bradford M. Smith and Jürgen Schuster, 111-27. Interkulturalität & Religion / Intercultural & Religious Studies. Liebenzeller Impulse zu Mission, Kultur und Religion. Berlin: LIT Verlag.

Shaw, R. Daniel, Stephen Bailey, Danny DeLoach, Jonathan Grimes, and Simon Herrmann. 2016. "Contextualization, Conceptualization, and Communication: The Development of Contextualization at Fuller's Graduate School of World Mission/Intercultural Studies."  Missiology 44 (1):95-111.



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